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YT Channel 'Hood Chronicles' Explores Legendary Canadian Gangsters

I was recently doing some research on the 90's/2000's era Canadian drug lord Clay Rouche and came across the YT channel Hood Chronicles. HC posts short, 15 - 20 minutes, no-frills videos a couple times a month that cover various different gangster and crime syndicates all originating from across the Northern Border. A nice find, considering it is often difficult to find anything past 2010 on a lot of what happened during the BC gang war in the early oughts.

Bubbling this up especially because BC crime has been making international headlines again lately. In May of this year, two men wanted on separate murder charges died in a place crash together in Alberta. Both had connections to BC area's bizarre drug gang the United Nations.

How no one in Hollywood has never though to make a movie about Vancouver's turbulent underworld crime figures is beyond me.

If you're interested in more sources or content related to Canadian Crime, I recommend following Reporter Kim Bolan on twitter, listening to the Dark North podcast series about the Montreal Mafia, and the Underworld Podcast episode about Bindy Johal.


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