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"Criminals, Drugs, and the Sins of the Underworld" Nicola Tallant

About Racketeur

Thanks for visiting. I live in Seattle with my girlfriend and our cat, Casper. I've lived in and around Seattle since my family moved here in the late 80s. Decourtierre is not my real name, in fact, it was recommended to me by a couple real journalist associates who cover gangs and organized crime that's it's best I used a burner since I don't have the same level of protection as they do working for a major media institution. It's probably entirely unnecessary since it's unlikely I will be producing any groundbreaking scoops here. But it does sound cool 😎

I mostly write about the things that interest me: organized crime and the documentaries, podcasts, and movies people make about them.


My Mission

Provide those with similar interests as myself a map to the internet's finest content from talent they may have never heard of.


Put a spotlight on the journalists, reporters, authors, sound engineers, documentary makers, youtubers, and podcasters who create phenomenal work on the subject of True Crime with a focus on Organized Crime

Lets Work Together

I built this blog as a way to network among people in the content space. Please reach out to what you find on the site. Whether it's to simply tell me about a new podcast, have me write about your podcast, or introduce yourself, I would love to hear from you. 

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