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YNW Melly Could Face Death Penalty and this Complex Produced Podcast Can Explain Everything

The Florida rapper accused of murdering 2 of his close friends in late 2018 could now, once again, face the death penalty.

YNW Melly deserves to spend the rest of his life locked behind bars. He is a heartless, cold-blooded murderer who senselessly ended the lives of two young men, that also happened m to be two of his closest friends. It's probably safe to say that Melly was, and is, dealing with some sort of mental health crisis, and from what I've gathered his unstable upbringing likely fueled much of it. Melly's childhood doesn't change the fact that people who commit atrocious violent crimes seemingly without any remorse need to be removed from society for the benefit of us all.

Until the headlines came out in 2019 that nailed Melly as the prime suspect in his friends murders, I didn't know who YNW Melly was, and I probably would have bothered to learn anymore. It's a sad truth that rappers do dumb things and go to prison all the time. But that's the beautiful thing about podcasts, with little minimal effort I can post up on the couch for a few hours with headphones on, and learn everything I needed to know about the Melly situation to confidently say everything I did about him in the previous paragraph.

The Complex produced podcast "Infamous: The Story of YNW Melly" is a dark, audio rich journey that takes it's listeners through the mind of a young, disturbed, up-and-coming rapper as he lives out his last few days a free man.

Listen to Episode 1 Here:


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