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YT Channel 'Report 383' is Making Spectacular Short Docs About Organized Crime

A small YouTube channel with less than 4k subscribers is producing some incredible short documentary about an array of various topics pertaining to organized crime.

Seeing how I write a blog where I try my hardest to highlight creators with a particular interest in the dark margins of society, I frequently find myself digging through the depths of youtube for videos focused on the mafia, cartels, gangs etc. I find a lot of garbage, low effort videos, and a lot of reuploads from various episodes of A&E docs on the mob. Some of these channels have even found a way to generate a substantial following generating hundreds of thousands of views on each upload, and good for them, you certainly don't always have to have the most polished product to earn yourself a following and maybe even a paycheck. Some of my favorite podcasts are just a couple guys shooting the shit in a basement.

Once in a while I fall into something unique that I'm truly impressed by. Recently on one of my hunts through the depths of YouTube I stumbled across this absolute gem: Report 383. The channel began uploading 6 months ago, and has so far produced a total of 4 videos, each one meticulously edited, wonderfully narrated with rich themed artwork throughout. The creators use of historic photos that have been enhanced and edited and the fast paced shuffling between them are somewhat reminiscent of how Billy Corben's Cocaine Cowboys.

The youtube page says the creator is from Germany, I'm hoping they continue to focus on OC in the old Eastern Bloc.

Check them out, give them a follow, and watch some of their videos @

The Deadliest Business in the World: International Cocaine Trade

The Most Dangerous Criminal in the World: Semion Mogilevich


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