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Larry Lavin: Dentist, Record Producer, Drug Dealer, & All Around Pretty Chill Dude

Wolves Among Us, a new podcast series from C13 Originals tells the fascinating, All-American story of Larry Lavin.

The Larry Lavin story is incredible, and it's likely that few people outside of Philadelphia have ever heard of it. Lavin's story begins in Massachusetts where he excelled academically at a local prep school. After narrowly avoiding being expelled for mischief, Larry attended the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania, where he leveraged his ability to breeze through what would have been painfully difficult classes for the above-average-ivy-league-student, to use that time to build a network of contacts within Philly's criminal underworld.

Several years after the 18 year old Lavin moved to Philadelphia as a freshman, he is graduating with a doctorate in dental surgery (DDS), and a masters degree in cocaine distribution. By this time Larry's operations were delivering large quantities of cocaine across much of the East Coast, making him a millionaire before he ever even had a real job.

The young dentist eventually settled in a ritzy suburb of Philly where he started a family and opened his own clinic. Neighbors described him as nothing but pleasant and friendly, someone that offered their services for free to those who couldn't afford it.

Of course, it would all eventually come to a dramatic end when Larry was arrested on charges of cocaine distribution and tax evasion. Out on bail, Lavin fled, becoming a fugitive. Larry's wife and children assumed different names and moved to Virginia Beach where they resided for 3 years. In the end, Larry's fishing buddy who was also a retired FBI agent would ultimately work with his former employer to finally bring larry to justice, putting an ending to what the feds dubbed the "Yuppie Conspiracy".

Now in his late 60s with 4 decades of reflection under his belt since the FBI took down his organization, Larry is enjoying life, and he's not bitter towards anyone. Like many of the cocaine cowboys of the 80s, Larry is proud to say he never needed to use violence in his business dealings, he never hired hitman to take out his competition, and he's never been tied to any cold cases.


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