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Andrew Tate Arrested on Human Trafficking Charges

DEVELOPING: Andrew Tate and Brother Tristan Tate have reportedly both been arrested in the small Balkans country of Romania on Thursday.

Video is circulating social media from a local Romanian news station that shows Tate being led out of a police station in handcuffs, and guided by two law enforcement agents adorning the letters BSIJ on their tactical vest. Interestingly, the BSIJ is described as "an elite unit with national jurisdiction and a mission to intervene whenever Romania’s security is at threat".

NOTE: There's a rumor circulating that somehow the arrest is connected to Tate's recent spat with Greta Thunberg and an empty pizza box. This rumor appears to have been started by Alejandra Caraballo, who will do anything for attention so please take it with a grain of salt.

It has long been rumored that the source of Tate's wealth extends beyond what he's willing to admit to, which is apparently managing women on Only Fans. Tate's brand of obnoxious over the top misogyny has earned him a large following over the past couple years of mostly teenage boys, rightwing edgelords, and reactionary contrarians who will quickly dismiss any criticism of his horrendously awful opinions as 'wokism-gone-too-far'. Because truly, there is nothing more manly than a guy who openly promotes the idea that women are property of men, and that physical violence against women can be be justified in certain situations.

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